Beginner Build

Beginner Build

If you are new to all this, knowing what you need and which parts work well with others can be a bit of a minefield. That's why we have put together a couple of suggest builds to get you started.

This build is aimed at the first time builder. The parts we have suggested are at the lower end of the price range and present great value.  Plenty of power to get you started without being crippled by the fear of stuffing hundreds of pounds with or gear into the ground!

Let's get started:

The Frame

NightHawk 200 Carbon Fibre Frame - A good solid carbon fibre frame with plenty of room on board for your electronics and protection for your motors.

Power Distribution

The EMax PDB - 5V and 12V outputs to power anything you want to connect now or later.


EMax MT2204 - A great value motor with good thrust and build quality.


DYS 16A ESCs - Good entry level ESC that runs the same firmware as the more expensive ESCs.

Flight Controller

Naze32 Rev5 - The flight controller that almost everyone started with. It's been around a while, and there's a slightly upgraded Rev6 version available, but the Rev5 Naze32 still does everything you want it to and a great price. 


Sony 639 Board Camera - Simple, cheap and effective.


200mw 40 Channel TS5823S Video Transmitter - Great value, plenty of transmit power and it even supports the new RaceBand frequencies.


Every VTx needs and antenna and this one offers performance that thrashes the standard whip antenna that comes with the VTx. Don't forget to get one for the receiving end too.


Dinogy 3S 1300mAh 30C - We recommened you start of with a 3S battery

If you have got any questions, just drop us an email and we'll help you get up and flying.


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