Ethix Mr Steele Earbud

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A custom designed earbud from Mr Steele himself, this will help you take the connection with you quad to the next level.

Finally, a purpose built FPV earbud engineered from the ground up to favour sound quality from onboard microphones! Ethix and TBS hand-selected the earpiece for comfort, then tried over a dozen different speakers and homed in on the one that works best for our flying style. Surprisingly, this earbud will not break the bank either! 

Why audio?

Disorienting audio delay and or ambient noise distractions can really take away from your flying concentration. On top of that, the earbud adds another sense to your flying - not only do you have visual references but now you have audio to help manage throttle in real time.

Why is this earbud different? 

Making a singular earbud and putting your name on it sounds like a simple undertaking? This project took almost a year to get right. Making an earphone that accurately highlights the important sounds (prop noise) coming from a quad is very difficult. Yes, any audio is better than no audio, but finding an earbud speaker that lets you hear prop noise well and muffles out wind noise and static proved to be way harder than is sounds! Thanks to elaborate testing and feedback from Mr. Steele and the rest of the ETHIX crew, they managed to deliver something that they are finally happy with.

"Audio is a must have in my book, but good audio makes all the difference." - Mr. Steele