FuriousFPV RACEPIT Mini OSD F4 Flight Controller

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All the best bits as the full size RACEPIT OSD but in a tiny package. This is one of the most feature packed 20×20 boards on the market.

The native support for and Crosssfire Nano RX mean you can mount it direct to the FC for a super neat and compact build. 

With UARTS for days (6!) you'll be able to hook up Crossfire, GPS, a Speedybee Bluetooth adapter, camera control and anything else you need.



  • STM32F405 main chip
  • MPU6000 gyro
  • Built-in connector for 4in1 ESC as well as solder pads
  • Built-in power switch for VTX, support 5V & VBAT
  • Betaflight OSD support for in flight info and on the ground config through your goggles.
  • Built in 16MB flash for Blackbox logging
  • 6 full UARTS for simultaneous connections of Runcam devices, GPS, Crossfire RX, Bluetooth and whatever else you can cram into your frame!
  • Integrated silicone dampers to keep those vibes out


  • 1x RacePIT F4 Flight Controller Board
  • 1x 8P Cable
  • 2x Cable Connector Plugs
  • 1x Bag of Screws