Emax RS2306 White Edition RaceSpec Motor - 2400KV or 2750KV

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Emax have rep for making affordable, kickass motors. From the OG Red Bottoms to the RS2205S version and now the RS2306.

The larger diameter 23mm bell and taller 6mm stator give you more torque for faster acceleration and the ability to pull out of those hobby-ruining dives a little later.

Hollow Shaft: 

    The 5mm hollow steel shaft is now lighter and tougher than before and allows for a hex head screw to be the bell retainer - no more annoying C-clips!!

    High Quality Bearings:

    Japanese NSK bearings, Nuff said! 


    • Model: RS2306 White Edition
    • KV: 2400 or 2570KV
    • Weight: Approx. 33.84g with wires
    • Wire AWG: 20AWG
    • Stator Diameter: 23mm
    • Stator Height: 6mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 5mm hollow
    • Configuration: 12N14P
    • Motor Diameter: 28.39mm
    • Motor Height: 30.1mm
    • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
    • Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 - 16.8v)


    • Motor (Duh!)
    • Lock nut and 2 sets of motor screws for 3mm and 4mm thick frames.
    • Stickers
    • Really nice little box to keep stuff in!