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KO Demon Speed 2208 2540KV Motor

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Looking for a motors that's a bit different? KO Technologies might be just what you need! 

Instead increasing performance just by shedding weight, KO are upping the game with new technology and the use of different materials.

For instance, their new Active Choke Point Compression technology draws air down through the motor and over the winding better than typical fin designs. This lowers the temperature, increases torque and dramatically improves response right across  the RPM range. As a bonus the angled ring that forms the ACPC design is used as a counter balance used to reduce the amount of putty used to balance a motor bell.

Add to that the hollow titanium shaft (lighter and stronger than the steel equivalent) plus lots more innovations detailed on KO's website and you get a motor that's definitely different.

And with Evan Turner, Jet and Cory Ibanez on the sponsored pilot roster, you know KO are making something good!

The higher KV of this motor makes it idea for 4S setups and the pink winding really stand out!


  • Magnet: 52SH
  • Bearing: EZO 9x4x4
  • Stator Laminate: 0.15 Nikkon Japanese Steel
  • Shaft: Hollow Titanium
  • Weight: 35g
  • Stator Size: 2208
  • Shaft Retainer: 2mm Hex Screw
  • KV: 2450
  • Number of cells (Lipo): 4-6s
  • Wire Length: 145mm
  • Wire AWG: 18AWG
  • Bell Material: 7075 Alu
  • Base Material: 7075 Alu
  • Bolt Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Windings: 180º High temp 99.9% Pure Copper
  • Cooling: Active choke point compression technology (ACPC)
  • Prop Seat: CNC knurling (Anti-slip)
  • Bell / Top Cap Connection Assembly: High Strength Dual Rebate Design
  • Winding QC: Individually Tested to 500volt @ low amps
  • Balancing QC: Individual dual stage dynamic balance test for each bell