"The Original" Hoodie by MrWigglesFPV

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Brent aka MrWigglesFVP is a very talented tattoo artist who does a nice line in FPV artwork too. As soon as we saw these distinctive designs we knew we had to have them on the store.

The combination of Brent’s incredible art work and our quality merch supplier is a match made in FPV heaven.  These are thick, warm hoodies and the prints are ink-based and form part of the garment rather than being printed on top, so the print feels soft and stretches with the shirt. Washed normally the print will last as long as the garment.

As these designs are so special, we are also offering them on standard and premium tees. Available in lots of colours and all the sizes from small all the way up to 2XL so anyone can represent in style. 

These designs are officially licensed from Brent and he receives a percentage of every sale  so can you get an awesome hoodie and support the artist at the same time. As Brent himself says, wear any of these designs and get "33% coolness added”! 🙂