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Stanton Frames TSX220

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The TSX is an X frame designed specifically for speed. Originally designed around a 4s 1800mAh li-po, the frame is roughly the size of an average 180 yet it accepts larger props!

It has an integrated power distribution board (PDB) for easy installation of electronics. The PDB also contains a 5v regulator to power the flight controller and receiver.

The frame is cut from 1.5mm matte twill carbon fibre with 3mm arms. This thickness of carbon is combined with nylon standoffs to give a total weight of 108g for the 220.



  • 1 x Bottom carbon fibre plate (1.5mm)
  • 1 x Power distribution board (3oz copper with 5v regulator)
  • 1 x Top plate (1.5mm carbon fibre)
  • 4 x Carbon fibre arms (3mm)
  • 4 x 7mm Nylon standoffs
  • 4 x 22mm Nylon standoffs
  • 4 x 35mm Nylon standoffs
  • 18 x M3x10mm bolts + 1x spare
  • 4 x M3x20mm bolts
  • 9 x M3 locknuts + 1x spare
  • 1 x M3x6 bolt
  • 1 x Hook and Loop strap

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