Video Transmitters

Video transmitters (VTx) are vital to your FPV experience. Cheap ones typically give poor signal & bleed over other channels. A good one, from a known brand, will give you (and your flying buddies!) a much better experience.

A VTX has 2 important specs: The channels it supports and its output power. Look for 40 channels (which will include Raceband - the standard set of channels in use today). An output rating of 25mW is used at most races, 200mW gives you more range & if you really want to get out there, or fly behind trees & other obstacles while you’re freestyling a 600mW or even 800mW VTx is the way to go. Lucky you don’t need to choose one or the other these days - the majority of VTxs we stock can switch between power outputs.

A great feature to have is SmartAudio. It allows changing of VTx settings via OSD or radio instead of fumbling with tiny buttons.
If you want to learn more about VTxs we have an article explaining more in our Intro to FPV series.