Blackbox Data Logger

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CleanFlight and Betaflight can log your flight data with BlackBox feature. This is a great tool for diagnosing problems of flight controller, motors, power system, or radio transmitter/receiver. It’s also great for tuning PID and other flight performance settings, especially now Beltaflights high loop times make it harder to see or hear oscillations.

Some flight controllers have a small on board memory ship that can shore a few minutes of logging but this OpenLog board takes a micro SD card to give you hours of logging. All you need to do is hook it up to 5V power and a TX pin from one of your flight controllers serial ports.

You'll need to heatshrink this logger to stop it shorting against a carbon fibre frame - we suggest our clear heat shrink so you can still see the status LEDs. You can either direct solder a servo wire or similar to the board or use some header pins.

After your flights, you'll have a series of flight log files with a .TXT extension, You can view these .TXT flight log files interactively using your web browser with the Cleanflight Blackbox Explorer.

This allows you to scroll around a graphed version of your log and examine your log in detail. You can also export a video of your log to share it with others! Here's an example from Tommy, aka Ummagawd.