CherryCraft Staccato Vertical Arm Frame

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The Staccato is the first vertical frame from CherryCraft. The vertical arms and plates help with tracking in straight lines and corners. Its simplistic design keeps the frame lightweight, robust and easy to build. The frame can take a wide variety of electronics, however. No matter what you choose it will be a fantastic setup.


  • 1x Top plate 
  • 1x Bottom plate
  • 4x Arms 2mm/2.5mm
  • 4x Side plates 2mm/2.5mm
  • 8x Motor mount
  • 4x 25mm Red Knurled Standoffs
  • 16x M3x15mm Aluminium Screws (Motors)
  • 4x M3x8mm Screws (Top plate)
  • 4x M3x6mm Countersunk Aluminium Screws (Bottom plate)
  • 4x M3x20mm Countersunk Aluminium Screws (Flight Controller & ESC stack)


  • 67g/2mm version
  • 76g/2.5mm version

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