CherryCraft Stamina Pure Racing Frame

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The Stamina is the latest frame by CherryCraft. It is a pure racing frame which utilises simplistic design to reduce weight and keep the overall frame size down but still gives you enough room for all your electronics. This leaves you with an incredibly light and easy to maintain racing setup.


  • 1x Top plate - 2mm
  • 1x Bottom plate - 2mm
  • 1x Middle plate - 2mm
  • 2x Micro FPV Camera Plates - 1.5mm (fits all micro-sized Cams like Micro Swift etc.)
  • 2x Arm Pieces available in 4mm/5mm/6mm 
  • 4x 25mm Knurled Standoffs
  • 4x M3x16mm Countersunk Screws
  • 4x M3x6mm Buttonhead Screws


4mm Arms - 57.9g (55g with Aluminium Screws - #sendit but arm can snap easily when crashing)

5mm Arms - 65g (61g with Aluminium Screws - a good tradeoff between weight and strength)

6mm Arms - 72.8g (67g  with Aluminium Screws - for the Crashalots)

3D Printed Parts

You can check out a build by UK National Champion, Leo Whitfield here

And another from TV's Matt Evans here