Chroma LED Controller - Full Kit

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Having lights on your quad makes it easier for spectators to track, it makes for better footage and with more indoor events like the iSeries it's becoming essential.

Sure, Betaflight has some LED options but if you really want your quad to look like a UFO in Las Vegas you need the Chroma LED controller.

Designed by two of the UK's finest pilots (Brett Collis on hardware design and Matthew Evans on software development) it's safe to say this device was designed by FPV pilots for FPV pilots.

The Chroma has an onboard voltage regulator so you simply hook up to your PDB (up to 4S) and it drives standard 5v WS2812B LED Strips

This kit includes a strip of 24 LED that you can cut into 4 sections of 6 for each arm and wire in parallel or however else you want. There's even some 30AWG silicone wire included.

We also have the stand alone controller if you want to use your own WS2812 LEDs.


  • Control up to 25 programmable RGB LED's per strip
  • Configurable via a single button
  • 9 different colour options
  • 6 different modes (including off)
  • Onboard (wide voltage input) regulator which will power up to 50 LED's without issue
  • All configurations store on power down
  • Factory reset options

Kit Includes:

  • Chroma LED controller with built in 4S voltage regulator
  • Strip of 24 LEDs that can be cut into sections 
  • Flexible protective tube for LEDs
  • Heat shrink for Chroma controller
  • 30AWG silicone wire