DAL Q5040 Quad-blade "Unbreakable" Propellers - Orange (Set of 4 - 2xCW 2xCCW)

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First it was 2, then 3 and now 4 bladed have arrived. Quad-blades have an even denser rotor disc than tri-blades meaning more thrust and better grip of the air in corners.

These offer similar thrust to bullnose tri-blades with better efficiency due to the tapered tips. More power, longer flight times and well heck, they look cool!

They might not be unbreakable but they are tough! If your crash ends up with you the right way up, you'll almost always be able to take off again straight away with these.


  • 2x CCW Propellers
  • 2x CW Propeller


  • Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced PC
  • Size: 5040 quad-blade
  • Colour: Orange
  • Hub Diameter: 5mm
  • Flying weight: 24g for the set of 4