Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 1300mah 4S 14.8V 80C

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Introducing the Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 - An 80C top-of-the-line battery pack for those seeking an edge on the racing circuit. Careful cell matching and secret sauce formulas combined with Dinogys' Graphene 2.0 technology results in lower internal resistance, higher energy density, and greater voltage stability when under stress.

Bottom line: More punch, less sag!

With the Ultra 80C, Dinogy has worked hard to achieve high-current discharging while reducing heat rise to ensure long-term health and durability—even after many cycles.


  • 14.8V
  • Max Charge Rate: 5C
  • Pack Weight: 177g
  • Pack Size: 34x34x76mm


  • Higher working voltage - gives your models more "punch".
  • Higher capacity - provides longer flight times.
  • Higher durability with reduced performance attenuation - no obvious capacity or power loss after many cycles.
  • Lower temperature rise, so less heat after high current discharging.  Heat is a killer of Lithium batteries.
  • Longer cycle life (1000+).
  • Lighter weight – so greater speed and improved handling.
  • Perfectly matched cells – Graphene 2.0 technology produces extremely consistent cell voltages.