DYS F4 Pro AIO Flight Controller with PDB and OSD

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A fantastic value AIO (all-in-one) flight controler from DYS. This single board is your F4 flight controller, your power distribution a board and OSD in one neat package.

The F4 processor lets you run comfortably at 8KHz, the OSD is fully configurable from inside the Betaflight GUI and the all in one neatness is perfect for those super tidy builds.

The DYS F4 flight controller also supports cool features like VTx Telemetry and SmartAudio, so you can change your band, channel and power settings right from the OSD using just your transmitter. No more button pushing!


  • High performance F4 (STM32F405) Processor
  • MPU 6000 gyro
  • Firmware target: Omnibus F4
  • 3OZ copper PCB to carry all your amps!
  • Max. Current: 150A
  • 5V 3A BEC output (enough to fuel a Runcam Split)
  • Conformal coated for the British weather with exposed pads for easy soldering
  • Compatible with all ESCs, as well as DYS 4-in-1 esc without soldering 
  • Integrated OSD configured through the Betaflight Configurator
  • Integrated current meter to monitor the real-time power consumption 
  • Adjust the PIDs by OSD using your radio
  • Adjust the VTX settings (IRC Tramp and TBS Unify)  
  • 2-6s Lipo support
  • Net weight: 11.2g (excluding wire)
  • Size: L42 * W36mm. 
  • Standard 30.5*30.5mm mounting holes
  • 3.3V output for Spektrum Rx's
  • DShot 600 support
  • Blackbox support
  • Buzzer support


  • Mounting hardware and 4 damping balls (aka Gummies) to reduce the vibration. 
  • XT60 with 14AWG wire
  • Mini piezo buzzer

Board Layout:

Betaflight Setup:

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