DYS Samguk Shu 2306 Motor (2500kv)

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DYS know that not everyone needs, or has the budget for, the latest and greatest motor technology.  That's why they have produced the Samguk range - some of the best bang per buck we have ever seen in a motor. DYS has been making miniquad motors for years so the build quality is solid and they have struck the perfect balance of performance vs cost.

Specs (2500kv version): 

  • Stator Diameter: 23.0mm
  • Stator Length: 6.0mm
  • Motor Width: 28.5mm
  • Motor Height: 31mm
  • Flying Weight (g): 33.59g
  • No.of Cells(Lipo): 3-4S
  • Max Continuous current(A): 44.1A
  • Max Continuous Power(W): 705.6W
  • Internal resistance: 0.06


1x Motor (duh!)
1x Set of 6mm M3 motors screws
2x Spare c-clips
1x Colour coordinated prop nut