Emax ECO 2306 1700/2400kv Motor

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Emax know that not everyone needs or wants a bleeding edge motor and they have really nailed the bang for your buck aspect with their ECO series. This high quality, great value motors are are light thanks to a new bells design and tough too with a hollow strengthened steel shaft and 9mm bearings. 


  • EZO bearing 9mm OD x 4mm ID
  • Steel shaft
  • Dual anodising
  • 16x16mm hole pattern
  • Multistrand copper winding
  • 115mm 20 AWG silicone wire


  • Framework: 12N14P
  • Length: 30.2mm
  • Diameter: 27.7mm
  • No. of cells: 3-4s 2300-2700kv range
  • No. of cells: 3-6s 1500-1900kv range
  • Propeller: 5" - 6"
  • Light Weight: 28.3g (without silicone wire)
  • Prop adapter: M5
  • Bearing Shaft: 4mm
  • Shaft Thread: CW