Emax RS2205S "Red Bottom" RaceSpec Motor - 2600KV

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The new RS2205S from Emax is the new and improved version of the hugely popular RS2205 "Red Bottom". How is it improved? We're glad you asked!


The RS2205S is two grams lighter than the original version. The bell is also lower profile and lighter meaning less rotational mass and therefore quicker response. 

Upgraded Magnets:

Curved N52SH magnets keep the air gap between the stator and magnet tiny (about 0.1mm!) making the magnetic field intensity stronger, hence the...

Increased Power:

The RS2205S pumps out over +100g more thrust the the previous model. Paired with a KingKong 6x4 propeller tests have shown you can expect over 1400 grams of thrust.

Quad McFly over at Miniquad Test Bench has given these a workout and you can find his results here

Hollow Shaft: 

    The 5mm hollow steel shaft is now lighter and tougher than before and allows for a hex head screw to be the bell retainer - no more annoying C-clips!!

    High Quality Bearings:

    Japanese NSK bearing, Nuff said! 


    • Model: RS2205S
    • KV: 2600kv
    • Weight: Approx. 28.8g with wires
    • Wire AWG: 20AWG
    • Stator Diameter: 22mm
    • Stator Height: 5mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 5mm hollow
    • Configuration: 12N14P
    • Motor Diameter: 27.9mm
    • Motor Height: 28.6mm
    • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
    • Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 - 16.8v)


    • Motor (Duh!)
    • Lock nut and 2 sets of motor screws for 3mm and 4mm thick frames.
    • Allen key

    Please note:

    Emax sell their motors in two versions CW and CCW. The motor itself is the same, they are just threaded in opposite directions and they come with specific prop nuts. We treat Emax motors like we treat every other manufacturer and only carry the standard CW threaded version. This means you don't need to carry one of each as spares in case of a crash. Every Emax motor we sell comes with a Nylock nut, completely removing the need for the CCW threaded versions and making things simpler for everyone. 


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