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Five33 Tiny Trainer V2 Kit

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Everything about the V1, just better.

Evan and Armando at Five33 have taken onboard pilot feed back from the V1 and come back with the awesome Tony Trainer Version 2

Removable Arms

“I hate when I break the base plate in a hard crash. I have to swap over my entire build to a new plate, ending my day of flying.”

Tiny Trainer V2 comes standard with 3mm thick, ONE screw arm removal. Not only that, it uses steel M3 screws, so you never have to worry about stripping a screw when tightening your arms. Break an arm in the field? Take off your motor, pull the arm screw and bolt your new one on. You’re back in the air within 5 minutes.

Quick Fix Canopy Design

”I can’t stand that I have to unscrew 4 screws AND cut 4 Zip ties just to open up the body of the drone”

Taking the canopy off the Tiny Trainer V1 got old fast, now its as simple as loosening 2 screws. Once the back 2 screws are loosened (not removed) the entire body of the Tiny Trainer V2 unfolds, giving you access to 100 percent of the internals of the drone.  You’re ready to go fly, pull the hood back down, tighten up your screws, and rip! This drone is easier to work on than ever.

Integrated Injection Molded Camera Mount

“I’m tired of messing with TPU camera mounts, my printer never works, and I hate buying prints”

No more dealing with 3D printed camera mounts, The Tiny Trainer V2 integrates a beautiful nano cam mount into the front of the Canopy. 2 mounting points available allowing a 30-60 degree mount and 5-25 degree mount! All while being fully integrated in the injection Molded Canopy.

Customizable Battery Solution

“I prefer mounting batteries with a battery strap, my other micros even let me use rubber bands!”

Armando's design allows for the use of the battery tray V2 (recommended for 550 mah 3s), Micro battery strap, and even rubber bands. You can use nearly ANY battery on a Tiny Trainer V2.

Kit includes

All frame pieces including 4 arms 
All hardware
And even zipties!

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