FrSky X4R-SB Receiver

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The FrSky X4R-SB 3/16ch 2.4Ghz ACCST receiver with telemetry is the receiver used by the big names. SBUS has far less latency than CPPM and when you are pushing hard, tenths of a second are the difference between 1st place and the ground.

This unit comes with the EU-LBT firmware installed but we have a guide about installing other versions here


  • RSSI (PWM) output
  • Lightweight and tiny 
  • Two selectable failsafe setting options - native failsafe or user programmable failsafe
  • Hook the green wire from the receiver's telemetry port to a UART on your flight controller send data such as battery voltage back to your Taranis. 


  • Number of Channels: 3 - Conventional Channels or 16 via SBUS 
  • Operating Voltage Range: 4V~10V
  • Operating Current: 100mA
  • Operating Range: Full Range (>1.5km)
  • Dimension: 40x22.5x6mm
  • Weight: 5.8g
  • Compatibility: FrSky X-series module (XJT, etc) & Taranis X9D in D16 Mode)