FU-RC Insaneya 4S 1600mAh Battery

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We've come a long way in the past year; motors have improved and ESC tech has taken leaps and bounds, seeing smaller sizes with huge increases in amp draw capability. However, battery tech has stayed relatively unchanged... until now!

Standard 4S packs of any C rating all suffer the same problems: voltage sag and short life cycles. Small cells being pushed beyond their current limit give a noticeable voltage sag when flown hard for more than a minute or so. This pushes the battery to a point where voltage sag is noticed and also damages the internal chemistry of the cells leading to very short life cycles. FU-RC have changed all this with the Insaneya.

The Insaneya battery is like no other 4S battery available. All other 4S packs in our drone racing world are 1P meaning one set of 4 cells. The Insaneya pack is different - 8 cells make up a single pack at 4S 14.8v , Made with help from Tattu and using 95c cells the 2P Insanya has huge punch and low weight for a pack this size.

The extra set of cells share the load demand giving crazy punch and allowing the pack to deliver big amp draws without the voltage sag of other similar sized packs. The footprint of the Insaneya is also different, 60X60mm instead of the 75x35mm of a traditional 4S pack. For the freestyle flyers, this allows for a GoPro to be used while still using a large capacity (1600mah ) battery and for bottom mount race frames the battery remains inside the frames footprint and improves aerodynamics.

Want to push big motor combos hard without destroying your packs? Get Insaneya!


Voltage: 4S 2P 14.8v 
Capacity: 1600mah 
Weight: 198g approx
Size: 60x60mm footprint
Connector: XT60

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