FuriousFPV Acrowhoop V2 Flight Controller & FrSky Receiver

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Looking for more from your Tiny Whoop? The Acrowhoop V2 from FuriousFPV supercharges it not only with a fully Betaflight compatible F3 flight controller but also a built in FrSky compatible receiver. 

Just unplug the motors and remove the stock controller board from your Whoop, the remount the Acrowhoop V2 with the supplied screws and dampers. Reconnect your FPV camera/VTx (there's even a pig tail if you don't want to direct solder it) and you're done building.

Now just connect to the Betaflilght Configurator to set up your modes, rates etc and go rip the living room!


  • Originally designed for the Inductrix but fits the E010 too - you may need to solder plugs onto your motor wires if you are still running stock motors.
  • Free flashed with Betaflight for full acro, airmode and all the other goodness.
  • Industry 1st F3 Chip w/ MPU6000 at center.
  • New USB on top for easy access
  • All FETs are rated at 6.3A maximum
  • Ultra lightening 0.1s telemetry rate
  • Built-in Rx Furious FPV FR1000 up 1km long range, compatible with Frsky
  • SBUS with 8 channels, RSSI on channel 9
  • Full telemetry
  • LED support 
  • Betaflight support
  • Flying weight : 3.4g

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