FuriousFPV Piggy OSD for HS1177 & HS1190 Style Cameras

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Space is tight on a miniquad and sometimes that means useful things like OSD's need to be sacrificed. That's why the Piggy was designed to piggyback onto popular camera systems, such as the HS1177, HS1190, Foxeer and Runcam camera systems and take up virtually no space. Once attached to the back of your flight camera the Piggy OSD hooks up to the Furious FPV Kombini or other favorite FC's, adding incredible levels of programming delight.

Take your favorite camera systems to epic levels of functionality with the Piggy OSD. This system was designed for the ultimate in simplicity and integration, offering all new capabilities that mesh perfectly with your FPV systems in place.

The Piggy runs MWOSD firmware meaning you have a fully configurable OSD and in-the-field PID and rates adjustment. Once installed you can connect to it via your flight controller to tweak the on screen layout.


  • Ultra Simple Usage and Integration
  • Incredibly compatible with multiple popular camera systems
  • Epic levels of Tuning & Monitoring via the OSD
  • Ready To Pair with the KOMBINI and other popular FC's
  • Flying Weight: Approx 1.2g
  • Power consumption: 40mA, measured at 16.6V


Installation Examples:

Camera not included (Duh!)