FX796T 200mW 5.8GHz 40 Channel (Including RaceBand) 90º FPV Video Transmitter

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This VTx has its SMA connector mounted at 90º to the board, pointing straight up. Ideal for frames for the Shen Drones Mako that's designed to accommodate one of these or any small frame where space it tight. 

200mW is the sweet spot. It gives you better penetration and longer range than 25mW without the bleed through of 600MW. Support for 40 channels including RaceBand not only means it will work with whatever receiving equipment you may be running, you'll be able to get more pilots in the air. Especially if you alternate between our range of left and right hand circularly polarised antenna.

Comes with the standard ImmersionRC/Fatshark SMA connector so it will work with all the antennas we stock.

Changing channel or band is all done with a single push button and there is even an onboard mic so if you like to listen in to your quad via headphones (like a certain Mr Steele) you can.

It will take power direct from your 3 or 4S battery but we always recommend running electronics from a BEC or a step-down converter due to the power spikes that can occur in powerful quads.  

And the icing on the cake is the 5V output to run your FPV camera with as little wiring as possible.


  • Transmit frequency: 5.8Ghz band, 40 channels.
  • Input voltage: 7-24V
  • Transmit power: 200mW
  • Working temperature: -10~85 Celsius
  • Connector: 90º SMA
  • Dimensions: 30x21mm
  • Flying Weight: 7.5g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x FX796T transmitter
  • 1 x Antenna (We recommend replacing this with one of our circularly polarised antenna for a better signal).
  • 1 x AV Cable (Plug for VTx at one end, bare wire at the other for connecting to your camera a power supply).