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HaloRC Archon V2 Freestyle Frame

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The 'Archon V2' is finally here. After many months of rigorous testing HaloRC have managed to improve on an already awesome frame. The Archon V2 retains all of the best features of it's predecessor while bringing the component selection up to date. 

The same low profile, top mounted battery frame design with a carbon fibre FPV camera assembly have been carried over from the OG Archon. This frame setup places the HD camera and battery in the best possible position to help keep the weight in the middle of the frame and above the prop line. 

The Hybrid/Squashed X motor layout is widely considered to give the best handling, stability and flight characteristics for freestyle flying. These characteristics are what made the Archon feel so good to fly, so we have kept the same motor distances but increased the gap and airflow between the tip of the propellor and the frame.

The final distinguishing feature that HaloRC have carried over but updated, is the arm end 'claw' design. These protect your motors in the (likely!) event of a crash. The arm ends will only break off in very hard impacts, this helps prevent the arm from de-laminating through the motor holes and rendering the arm useless.

The Archon V2 now only supports the 'Micro' camera form factor (19mm wide mounting). The camera can be mounted in one of three mounting holes allowing you to adjust how far the lens sticks out.

From the really long micro cams with M12 lens's, to the really short M8 stubby lens's, all of them will fit. All lens widths also fit the new mounting system, so our recommended camera (RunCam Eagle Micro) fits perfectly.

Two vertical plates are secured together with standoffs to form the camera assembly and lock into the three horizontal plates (top, middle and bottom). This distributes the impact force evenly through the body of the frame and reduces the chance of breaking the carbon.

Another improvement HaloRC have brought to the Archon V2 is the HD camera mount. The difference in form factor between a box camera (such as Hero Session or RunCam 3) and a standard HD camera (such as the GoPro Hero7) are so vast that we wanted to favour one over the other while designing the frame.


Now that the GoPro Hero Session has been discontinued, and we have seen the epic quality footage coming out of the GoPro Hero7, we chose to design the Archon V2 to primarily carry a standard HD camera form factor. The HD camera mount has been positioned to keep the props out of the HD video, and has a unique way of attaching it to the frame that helps prevent the mount from ripping in hard crashes, and you no longer have to put bolts through TPU meaning you can tighten them down really tight.

Archon V2 Kit Incudes:

  • 4 x 16mm x 4mm Arms
  • 2 x Camera Plates
  • 1 x Top Plate
  • 1 xMiddle Plate
  • 1 x Bottom Plate
  • 4 x 14mm Steel Socket Bolts
  • 4 x 16mm Steel Socket Bolts
  • 12 x 6mm Steel Button Bolts
  • 8 x M3 Steel Clinch Nuts
  • 8 x 20mm Black Standoff's