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HGLRC 2812 LED Controller & HGLRC LED Board W554B WS2812 Kit

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Any quad looks better lit up and a drone race is but more exciting for spectators if they can tell who's who.

This great value LED kit from HGLRC is a quick and easy way to get your glow on without having to set anything up in Betaflight.... But you can also connect your FC's LED pad to the PWM on pad on the controller and have the best of both.

Give the controller board power (anything up to 6S) and plug in the 4 boards and you're done. Heat shrink is even included.

Now when the race director assigns you blue for the finals, or your mood changes when freestyling, you can change colour with a click of a button on the controller board.

2812 LED Controller Specs:

Input Voltage:2-6S
Installing Hole:20x20mm M3
Weight: 1.7g

W554B LED Board Specs:

LED Voltage:5V
Quantity:4 PCS
Cable Length: 100mm
Weight:7.1g(4 pcs)



1x 2812 LED Controller
1x 30 AWG yellow Cable 100mm
1x 30 AWG red Cable 100mm
1x 30 AWG black Cable 100mm
4x W554B LED light board and connecting cables
1x 60mm*10mm Heat shrink tube
4x 50mm*8mm Heat shrink tube