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HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400RX-T Receiver Kit

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ELRS or Express Long Range System is a new radio control link for your quad, plane, or RC vehicle. The goal is to give you a better and more consistent signal with lower latency and longer range. ELRS is open source so it's less expensive than other options.

It comes in two frequency flavours; 2.4GHZ and 900MHz. We plump for the 2,4 version as its been tested to 30km of range at 100mW and its a wider band, making it better at playing with others. 

So to put it in one sentence: You get a long range, high speed, solid RC link that works with most radios and has loads of cool features for not much cash. No brainer! Just look how excited it gets Joshua Bardwell!

Combine this receiver with any ELRS transmitter module or radio (remover ELRS is open source) and you have a rock solid, up to 500Hz refresh rate RC link and range for days.


Product name: HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400RX-T Receiver
Frequency range:2400 MHz
Receiving refresh rate:25Hz-500Hz
Input voltage:5V
Antenna gain:2dBi
Size:17mm * 11mm * 3mm
Receiving protocol:CRSF
Antenna connector:IPEX
2.4GHz omnidirectional T antenna


1x HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400TX -T receiver
1x Receiver antenna