ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 8dBi SpiroNET Mini Patch Antenna LHCP

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This 5.8GHz Left-Hand (LHCP) Circular Polarized patch antenna was custom-designed by ImmersionRC for the FPV market - No repurposed wi-fi antennas here. Light enough to be mounted directly onto your Fatsharks, or directly onto the front of any of the receivers we stock.

Works great with a standard SpiroNET Omni on your quad and despite being tiny will easily double the range.

  • Precision manufactured with very tight tolerances, each antenna is 100% tested on a professional antenna tester (Rhode & Schwartz) to ensure maximum range and performance
  • SMA male connector compatible with all FatShark/ImmersionRC 5.8GHz products sold to date
  • Left-Hand circular polarization
  • 5.8GHz ISM Band
  • 8dBi gain
  • Beam width: -3dB at +/- 45 degrees (H + V) (90 degree total)
  • F/B Ratio: >356dB
  • VSWR: < 1:1.35 at 5800MHz
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Flying weight: 7g