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ImmersionRC Ghost JR Transmitter Module

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Ghost is a 2.4GHz Radio Control system for R/C Model Control, with a focus on the FPV community. 

2.4GHz is the key point. Other systems run in the EU-legal 868MHz which is a paltry 2MHz wide. Packet loss with even 4 pilots in the air is not pretty. Add another 4, and racing isn’t fun any more.

The Worldwide 2.4GHz band provides 76MHz of bandwidth, and will comfortably house countless simultaneous links without large numbers of lost packets.

With recent enhancements to Flight Controllers (feed-forward) providing superb performance, but quite sensitive to packet loss, every little helps.

Choose from several modes of operation in your Ghost Transmitter. The slowest of the two Race modes runs at 160Hz frame rate, while the fastest ‘Pure Race’ rate opens the throttle to 222.22Hz frame rate.

OpenTx to Flight Controller latency is expected to run below 4ms.

Can racers feel this? Good question to ask… but maybe a better question is whether you want to race against a pilot which is using it!

The 'JR' style Ghost Transmitter module is easy to set up, with integrated OLED display and joystick. Configure it seamlessly without the need to interact with Lua scripts. It's fully tested with FrSky Taranis™, and RadioMaster™ radios and work with any R/C Tx which accepts JR modules.

Depending upon region, up to 350mW of RF power may be emitted through two supplied short-dipole antennas. Antenna diversity is the default mode of operation, but single antenna mode is a menu option away.

A simple menu system shows all critical parameters, including a spectrum analyzer, and a real time display of system latency, from R/C Tx to Flight Controller.

Designed for both reliable control at extreme range, and extremely low latency with best-in-class frame rate for the Race circuit. 


Frequency Range : 2406 - 2479MHz
Modulation: Chirp Spread Spectrum + Adaptive FHSS
Binding: Bidirectional with confirmation and protocol negociation
RF Profiles: Race, Pure Race, ‘Normal’, and Long Range, more to come
Uplink Tx Power: 16uW - 350mW (+/- 0.5dB) 3
Frame Rate: 222.22Hz (purerace), 166Hz (race), 62Hz (normal), 15Hz (long range)
Format: Standard JR Module:, tested with FrSky Taranis™, and RadioMaster™ radios
Compatibility: Any R/C Tx which accepts JR modules (Taranis, etc. )
Serial Formats: SBus, GHST 1 - Auto-Sense
Firmware: USB Upgradable(with OTA updates for receivers)
Power Supply: 6V-20V, 1.75W @ 400mW, ~250mA at 7.4V