Lost Model Finder Self Powered Buzzer

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There's nothing worse than when your quad goes down, your spotter was slacking off and your battery ejects. Even a small field suddenly gets much bigger when you're pacing up and down in a search grid trying to find your best flying quad and your new GoPro - ask us how we know! 

Standard buzzers are useless if your battery ejects, but this little buzzer has some great improvements over other buzzers:

  • An internal battery (that recharges every time you fly) that will sound the alarm for over 36 hours.
  • A much louder buzzer is LOUD! More fire alarm than typical piezo buzzer! 105bB where a normal buzzer is 85dB
  • No soldering directly to the buzzer! This one uses a JST connector instead which among other benefits makes it easier to move between your fleet of models.
  • A simple button to disarm the buzzer is a much more user friendly function compared to others. Just hold the button for 1-5 seconds to disarm, no more plugging your LiPo in twice every flight and there's no need to disarm if you're going straight back up (plug in another LiPo within 30 seconds).

This buzzer still functions as a standard drone buzzer operated from your transmitter, but if your battery gets disconnected it will sound the alarm for over 36 hours.


  • 4g 23mm x 13mm x 16mm
  • 100dB Buzzer
  • 36 hours of self powered alarm
  • Works as standard buzzer
  • Comes with 3 pin JST
  • This is the version 1.2 of this buzzer - the one with no LED