Matek F405-OSD Flight Controller with OSD

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The Matek F405-OSD is a great value F4 flight controller, OSD and Micro SD card slot for Blackbox logging. It's layout makes it easy to wire up the other components of the quad keeping the build neat and tidy. There is no PDB built making it ideal for frames with their own integral one, but if you do need on, this stacks via a ribbon cable with the Matek FCHUB-6S.


  • High performance F4 (STM32F405) Processor
  • ICM20602 gyro
  • Micro SD card slot for Blackbox logging
  • Matek405 Betaflight target
  • 32K Gyro update & 16K PID Loop
  • Integrated OSD configured through the Betaflight Configurator
  • Adjust the PIDs by OSD using your radio
  • Adjust the VTX settings (IRC Tramp and TBS Unify)  
  • 3-6s Lipo support
  • Net weight: 7g
  • Size: 36x36mm PCB with XT60 socket
  • Standard 30.5*30.5mm mounting holes
  • 3.3V output for Spektrum Rx's
  • 6x PWM / DShot outputs without conflict
  • VCP and 5x UARTs


    • Vibration isolations mounts
    • Ribbon cable for solder-free connection to the Matek FCHUB-6S PDB

    Board Layout: 

    If you are looking for help and support try the F405 Facebook group

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