MenaceRC FixiX Frame Kit

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The guys at Menace don't mess around when it comes to designing a frame. FiziX has been in testing throughout the 2018 racing season, resulting in a lightweight, strong and small form factor - a winning race frame combination.

See the full stress analysis report here

Available in two offerings the FiziX 5 caters for props up to 5.1″ diameter where as the FiziX 7 caters for props up to 7″ diameter. 

The FiziX also has a carbon fibre camera mount with support bar to keep that all important FPV camera locked dead ahead and securely tucked away.


  • Full 3K carbon fibre airframe
  • 2mm thick body parts

  • 5mm thick arms

  • Designed to take the Micro FPV cams 19mm width.
  • Standard 36mm/30.5mm spacing for  FC / stack mounting
  • Tough, lightweight aluminium stand offs
  • Stainless steel fixing screws
  • 22xx series mounting holes.
  • Minimum cuts and holes in frame to maintain strength
  • Counter sunk screws to give a flush bottom plate to avoid damage to battery.

  • Captive insert nuts for ease of build
  • Integrated lipo strap recess

  • Flying Weight: Carbon 5″ Parts 75g ( 90g with all the fixing hardware)
  • Flying Weight: Carbon 7″ Parts 84g ( 99g with all the fixing hardware)

Package Contents:

  • 1x FiziX Frame Body Kit
  • 4x Fizix Arms ( select your size)
  • 1x Set of fixing Hardware and Standoffs
  • 2x Camera Mounting Washers

3D Parts on Thingiverse:

As with all good frames, there's a host of hop up parts you can get for free on Thingiverse and 3D print

FiziX Antenna SMA Mount by Menace

FiziX Antenna Mount for axii  by peeejayz

FiziX Micro Cam Pod by peeejayz

FiziX Turtle Fin by Menace

FiziX Gopro Mount 25 degree by Menace

FiziX Gopro Mount 30 degree by Menace

FiziX Gopro Mount 45 degree by Menace