Monkey & Gorilla Rugz Soft Mounts for Motors Combo Pack

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Through vigorous testing, prototyping, development and heartache the guys at Drone-Builder cracked it. 

Their soft motor mounts for FPV racing and Acro flying use came to be after they looked at the market, tested numerous products and decided they could do better.

These mounts are not TPU 3D printed or air foam; these are precision cut from the finest quality materials with a long life in mind. 

Monkey and Gorilla Rugz are manufactured from a medical grade silicon rubber compound, the final material they choose is highly resistant to heat and absorbs vibrations like a mini mattress for your motors!  

For the ubergeeks, these have a shore hardness of from SH>55 to SH>70 which is perfect for maximum vibration dampening and longevity. 

Gorilla Rugz are the harder option, suitable for most quads and Monkey Rugz have a lower shore hardness (SH>55) making them perfect for noisier quads. Having both in one pack gives you the ability to test which works best for you.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, homegrown product by FPV enthusiasts for FPV enthusiasts. 

M3 mounting holes at 16mm and 19mm centres, these will fit all 18XX, 20XX, 22XX, 23XX and 24XX series motors with 16mm & 19mm mounting centres

Sold as a set of a set of 4 Monkey Rugz and 4 Gorlilla Rugs

Pro Tip: Don't over tighten. If your rugs are curling up around your motor your tightened your motor screws too far and diminished the dampening effect. Just snug them down and use some blue Loctite.