OSDoge 1½ Naze & DTFC stackable OSD with 5v and 12v

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If you are into neat builds with as few wires as possible, the OSDoge 1½ is for you.

The OSDoge 1½ is the perfect companion to the DTFc or a Naze32 flight controller. It's designed to simply stack on top (all hardware included) and instantly add an OSD along with super clean 5v and 12v LC filtered power. Just hook up your camera and VTx to this and you're done. 

It works just as well with other flight controllers like the Lumenier LUX and XRacer - you just connect via wires like you with a Micro Minim OSD.  

The new OSDoge 1.5 is running MWOSD 1.6.  This version has a ton of new features.  See the all the features here.  

It's fully compatible with Betaflight and Cleanflight and the OSD is fully customisable to show exactly what you want on screen. Any telemetry from your FC can be shown; battery voltage, RSSI, throttle position and current draw (when used with a DTFc) You can even change PIDs, rates etc in the field by navigating menus with your radio. 

The guys over at Flight Club have gone a great video about what's new in version 1.5 and how to install it.