Pololu 12V, 500mA Step-Down Voltage Regulator

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This regulator takes voltage from your 4S battery and takes it down to a stable and clean 12V - Perfect for feeding into your video transmitter or FPV camera. It can be used stand alone or added to one of our PDBs. Straight and right angles pins are included. 

The compact (Just under 11x13mm) D24V5F12 synchronous buck voltage regulator takes an input voltage of up to 36 V and efficiently reduces it to 12 V while allowing for a maximum output current of 500 mA. This latest version regulator offers typical efficiencies between 85% and 93% and has a very low dropout, so it can be used with input voltages as low as a few hundred millivolts above 12V. The pins have standard 0.1″/2.54mm spacing.

NOTE: This is a step-down (or buck) voltage regulator - a 3S battery whose voltage has dropped below 12V will not allow this regulator to output 12V. This is recommended for those using 4S batteries or above.

  • Flying weight: 2g