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Shen Drones Mifune

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Mifune is a 220mm aero frame with a clamshell construction consisting of a 3D printed nylon top and a 3mm carbon bottom. The two pieces bolt together to lend rigidity and strength to the whole. 

Flying weight: 120g.

A 90 degree SMA VTX is recommended, and an FPV cam with a 2.1 or 2.5 lens with a 17mm barrel, 27mm from end of lens to mounting hole works best.

You can read about the design process over on the Shen Drones blog.


  • Carbon fibre bottom plate
  • 3D printer nylon body
  • All screws
  • 2 Shen Drones battery straps

This video compares the sounds made me the Mako and Mifune. Much quieter due to the streamlines arms - It takes energy to make sound, and if you're making sound you're not making thrust.

Worried that it's not tough enough? In Andy Shen's words: "The material is exactly what I hoped for, rigid enough to strengthen the frame, flexible enough to resist cracking. You can bend the hell out of it and it just snaps back."