XHover Stingy Bundles

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  • £179.99

We were so impressed with how our Stingy flies we've put together some bundles based upon what we are using and what we know works well.

You can buy as much or as little of our set up as you like but whichever bundle you choose, you'll save up to £37.28 on this premium gear.

We have five bundles: 

Bundle 1 - Frame & Motors - £179.99
A quality frame designed by Stingersswarm and built by XHover paired with V2 motors from Mr Steele. Freestyle heaven and a saving of £21.60. Find out more about the Stingy here and the motors here

Bundle 2 - Frame, Motors & ESCs - £219.99
We went for a set of BLHeli32 GS30 Amp ESCs from Spedix on our build - The latest BLHeli sauce at Spedix pricing. Buy this bundle and save £25.40

Bundle 3 - Frame, Motors, ESCs & Flight Controller - £249.99
Joshua Bardwell knows his stuff and that's why we went for his flight controller. It's a fully specced AIO board with F4 chip,  SD card for logging and an OSD. If you're new to building, the manual this board comes with will walk you through the build and setup of Betaflight - priceless! Getting the bundle saves you £29.39.

Bundle 4 - ARF 200mW - £309.99
Want the lot? Bundle 4 gets you everything you need apart from your receiver. Quality FPV gear makes all the difference to your experience that's why we've not cut any corners - The Runcam Swift 2 Rotor Riot Edition FPV camera provides a great image even in tricky lighting conditions and the TBS Unify HV Race gives TBS quality at a bargain price. Save £34.63 with this bundle.

Bundle 5 - ARF 800mW - £329.99
Bundle 5 is the same as bundle 4 but comes with the full TBS Unify Pro HV, giving you up to 800mW of range and penetration. It also gets you maximum savings -  £37.28.