Super Sticky Battery Pad

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Crashing is bad. Crashing in a big field and your battery ejecting is worse! No tracking the video signal with your goggle module, no beeper, no more flying for the rest of the day while you pace up and down the field searching. 

This may be the lowest tech item we stock but it might save your day.

We've tested dozens of types of this supper grippy material and selected the best. Trim this to size (you can easily get 2 quads worth from one 8x8cm pad) and stick it between your frame and battery. In combination with a good battery strap and a nice tight lipo connection, you're going have to crash VERY hard to eject with one of these. 

If you do go weed whacking or lawn mowing, simply peel this off, run it under the tap and it's as good as new.

No fancy packaging, no celebrity endorsement, just a sound battery pad at a fair price.