T-Motor F40 PRO III 2400kv | 2600kv Motor

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The new T-Motor F40 PRO III is an absolute weapon of a motor! Designed and built specifically for FPV racing - it's light, tough and has a boatload of power - the 2600kv version kicks out over 1700g of thrust on a 5050 triblade prop at 50 Amps! That's 6.8kg of total trust on a ~500g quad giving you a power to weight ratio of nearly 14:1!

The ultra-lightweight base design keeps strength and brings the weight down to just only 33.5g including wires.

High-temperature resistant windings mean you won't immediately smoke a motor during those high-power manoeuvres/crashes. This new approach increases temperature resistance by up to 33% over high temperature enamelled wires to 240ºC.

And of course there are EZO Japanese bearing to keep things super smooth.


1x Motor
1x Locking prop nut
4x 7mm M3 Motor screws
1x Spare screw and washer for bell mounting