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T-Motor F45A and Mini F7 HD Stack

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This stack brings lots of power all in a small package. The T-Motor Mini F7 20x20 Flight Controller can be connected to the DJI Digital HD FPV System (or any other FPV system you want) and combined with the Mini 45A 4-in-1 high-performance 32-BIT ESC you get lots of power in a tiny package! 


Mini F7 FC Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 3~6s
  • BEC: 5v/2A, 10V/2A (For DJI HD VTX)
  • Main Control:STM32F722
  • Gyroscope: MPU6000
  • Blackbox RAM: Onboard 16M
  • OSD: Support
  • Barometer: No
  • Mounting pitch: 20*20mm
  • Weight: 5.1g
  • Firmware: TMOTORF7 (STM32F7X2)

Mini F45A 4IN1 ESC Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 3~6S
  • ESC Firmware: BLHeli32
  • Telemetry: Support
  • Mounting pitch: 20*20mm
  • Weight: 9.2g
  • Betaflight galvanometer ratio: 200


  • 1 x  Mini F7 Flight Controller
  • 1 x Mini F45A 4IN1 ESC
  • 1 x XT60 cable, ESC connection cables, stack screws, nuts, spacers and gummies.