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TBS Gear Pouch V2

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We all carry a lot of gear the we head out and it's got to go somewhere. 

The TBS Gear Pouch v2 can comfortably accommodate a Tango2 and FPV goggles (Fatshark size). The walls and dividers are well padded for protections.

The v2 has 2 compartments, one side has a elastic rention system and small pouches for you to store your cables, tools, soldering tools, antennas and etc. 

You could get a whole whoop flying kit in here, or just use it for your Every Day Carry.


  • Size: 280 x 50 x 210mm
  • Weight: 260g
  • Material (Exterior): Nylon 
  • Material (Interior): Velcro-receptive fabric with padding 


  • 1 x TBS Gear Pouch V2
  • 2 x Long Padded Dividers
  • 1 x Short Padded Dividers