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Torvol Quad Pitstop Backpack Stealth Edition

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The Torvol Quad PITSTOP Backpack easily carries 2 FPV racing drones and all your FPV gear, such as goggles, transmitter, LiPo’s, tools and more to any race track.

The backpack has comfortable back padding and hip straps for convenient travel. With the Torvol smart zipper, this backpack transforms into a PITSTOP area at the race location. A portable workspace folds out to give you a clean set for field repairs and there's even a fold out ground sheet to keep your knees clean and try while repairing your quad on the grass.

This Quad Pitstop Backpack makes sure you can enjoy more time racing and less time preparing for it.


Pockets for days:

On either side you've got stretch mesh pockets design for water bottles or tripods. Up top, there's a zip up pocket for things like wallets, phones and shades. Underneath there a pocket that contains the rain covers that can be used to cover the bag AND any quads attached when the British weather kicks in.

The back of the bag is thickly padded, as are the shoulder and hip straps. This thing is designed to make moving all you gear as comfortable as possible, whether that's up a mountain or just from the car park.

If you want to attach additional quads to the outside of your bag, we carry the Torvol Quad Star what lets you do just that. Or you can step up the the big brother, the Torvol Pitstop Backpack Pro.


It's what's inside that counts:

We've never seen bags as well thought out as the Torvol range. The inside is made up of modular dividers so you can tailor it to your unique selection of gear. There's a dedicated spot for your radio and if you have the Torvol Liposafe pouch, that fits perfectly at the bottom.

But the standout feature is the Pitstop area - a flat, clean space to work on when it's time for the inevitable field repairs. There's even a zipable, magnetic case to keep all those screws. Plus there's built in, fold out ground sheet so you can kneel and work, no matter how wet the grass is.

We carry the all black Stealth Edition because bright yellow/green accents aren't really our bag, man.