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My YouTube Favourites

Like most of us, I got into FPV flying from watching videos on YouTube and I keep discovering more channels to watch.

Here's a list of the pilots that inspire me and encourage me to get better. If any of these aren't in your YouTube subscription list, they should be!

Flite Test

One of the first YouTube shows in this field that I discovered and I have watched every single episode to date. Just as much about having fun as it is about flying and to illustrate that, here's an old episide about making a food blender fly!

Rotor Riot

The latest project from Chad Kapper, the man behind Flite Test. This one's a bit more anarchic and stars some of the big names pilots I link to next. This is one of my favourite episodes to date.

Final Glide Aus

Speaking of those big names, let's kick of the list with Chad Nowak - reigning US Drone Nationals Champion and all round top Aussie bloke.

Mr Steele

Rotor Riot co-host and mustachioed multirotor maven, Steele Davis has some incredible videos on his channel and in the origin of #rippingballs


Not as in you face as Chad or Steele both in personality and flying style. Jon Davis's (not relation to Steele) routine at the Masters of Freestyle competition at the 2016 F3 Expo was breathtaking.


Carlos Puertolas has a lot to answer for! If it wasn't for him, I'd never have found this obsession. Here's one of the first FPV videos I ever saw.


Another Rotor Riot co-host, Tommy Tibajia knows how to throw an ImmersionRC Vortex around. The inverted stall over a cliff edge near the end of this clip is amazing.

I could go on but I'll stop there for now, expect more before very long but in the meantime, if there is someone we just have to follow now let us all know in the comments.


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