Understanding DAL's Prop Names

Understanding DAL's Prop Names

Now we are stocking more and more of the DAL props range, I thought it was about time to outline their slightly cryptic way of naming them. Time to separate the T from the TJ and the BN from the BS!

Let's start with the numbers in case you don't already know. Every prop has 4 digits - let's take 5040 as an example. The 50 means it's a 5.0 inch diameter prop whilst the 40 is the pitch of the prop. This means how far the prop would move forward per turn in an ideal world (in a dense fluid or example). So our 5040 prop would pull itself forward 4.0 inches every turn where a 5030 would only make it 3.0 inches.

Now for DAL's lettering.

T at the start of the name means a tri-blade prop

Q at the start of the name means a quad-blade prop

All the other letters describe the tips of the blades.

BN means bullnose - A blunt, cut off tip that gives more surface area and therefore more thrust but you loose some efficiency.

Example of a DAL bullnose prop

J is a tapered tip. Better efficiency and less load on your power system.

Example of a DAL J-tip prop

No letter (aside form Q or T) means somewhere between the two, a rounded bullnose tip.  

Example of a DAL blade tip with no letter designation

Easy when you know!


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