How to get D8 mode on an EU-LBT Taranis-Airjacker

How to get D8 mode on an EU-LBT Taranis

Fancy an Emax TinyHawk but don’t see D8 as an option in your radio? Don’t want flash it every receiver you have to non-EU firmware? No problem!

If you’ve got a European Frsky radio it will be running the EU LBT firmware which comes with D8 mode disabled by default but you can enable it without moving away from the EU LBT firmware. It’s just a build option you can change when updating your radio in OpenTX Companion.

I won’t rewrite a Taranis flashing guide here as there are already plenty of good ones out there. Instead I’ll point you toward Joshua Bardwell's excellent video the topic.  


The important bit is at exactly 7 minutes in. Look closely at the option boxes Joshua ticks, or more importantly the ones he doesn’t - the EU option is left unticked. Carry on with the video' til the end and you're all done! 

When you create a new model or edit an old one now you’ll have D8 as an option as well as LR12 and D16. Nothing else as charged or been taken away and all you existing models will still work.

Now get out there and get Tiny Hawking! :) 



Hi Bob . We aren’t flashing anything to non-EU versions here. This is an EU radio and we aren’t changing that – all we are doing here is unhiding D8 in OpenTX

Simon Pow

Hi there! Do you know that you actually and also need to flash your internal antenna to make D8 work in the EU? When you do not check the EU box D8 becomes visible, that’s true. But the internal antenna also needs to be flashed to international version to make it work. What do you think about this?


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