Intro to FPV - Cameras

Intro to FPV - Cameras

The FPV camera is your eye on the quad. It’s typically a simple analogue one as digital or HD signals are still plagued by latency. Being analog though goes mean that anyone can tune in to anyone else signal and ride along.

FPV camera used to be repurposed Sony HS1177 security cameras on an exposed circuit board but we’re lucky enough to now have dedicated FPV cameras with great dynamic range and even simple onscreen displays.

CCD sensor cameras used to be king but CMOS sensors have caught up with new ones offer a sharper image and lower latency. When buying be aware than whilst most CCD camera are pretty similar, CMOS cameras can vary hugely so check some reviews.

Cameras are also getting smaller. Mini and micro cameras not give as good an image as their bigger brothers but can fit inside more compact frames, saving weight and offering better protection.

Protected or not, we still carry spare parts like cables, replacement lenses and even spare cases for when that gate or lamp post or tree comes out of nowhere!

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Happy flying, Simon

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